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Have you heard of “food bloggers?” They’re passionate cooks who publish websites with recipes, photos and personal stories. Bloggers love sharing their best, and with their readers’ needs in mind, they cook, photograph and post dishes well in advance of holidays.

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Melissa Bailey, Hungry Food Love


Melissa is the author of Hungry Food Love, an award-winning recipe blog where she not only shares her passion for food, but also the joy that is experienced by cooking and loving. Melissa is a firm believer that some of the greatest memories can be created around food and that is why her blog is intended to be a plate full of positive and encouraging messages, served with delicious recipes. Melissa was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, and her Latin heritage is reflected in the food she cooks. Everything from discovering the use of a unique ingredient, to cooking a traditional dish she grew up eating, to baking and sharing easy ideas for your everyday meals, Melissa shares it all in her blog Hungry Food Love. In 2013 Melissa was named the Best Latina Food Blogger by LATISM, listed by Babble as one of the Top 100 Food Bloggers and one of the Top 10 Latina Bloggers, as well as voted #5 Top Recipe Blog through TheKitchn’s annual Homies Awards.

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MR CRUNCHY – Potato Waffle Croque Monsieur Recipe

By Sara O’Donnell of, Average

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