If I Buy A Blanching Machine, Will I Still Need To Soak My Potatoes?


I currently soak my potato chips in water in the freezer for 2-3 hours to remove excess starch. I would like to know if I buy a blanching machine to remove the excess starch will I still need to soak them in water in the freezer or will the blanching be enough to remove the excess starch?


Soaking prior to blanching is mostly done to keep cut potatoes from drying out, oxidizing and to prevent discoloring. Some starch will naturally be removed during this process (as will repeated rinsing cuts in water) and only requires a prep sink or equivalent (food storage bus tubs, etc.). No need for freezing, and in fact this could have an adverse effect on the potatoes, pre-blanched. Blanching is a recommended step for fry and chip processors (be it steamed or blanched in oil) but this will not remove excess starch. Blanching serves to prepare fries for the final fry, in which the cut potatoes attain an overall crispier texture and enhanced golden-color caramelization in the finished product.